When Broadcasting Becomes A Business.

Using enterprise-grade artificial intelligence to provide analytics and guidance to grow your channel from hobby to business.

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Streamer Friendly

We handle the data science

Focus on your broadcast, focus on your community, focus on your next move. We want you to be successful, and the only way that is going to happen is if you have the freedom to focus on your community. Streamer Insights has been built from the ground-up with the help of broadcasters just like you. And our philosophy revolves around not overwhelming you with data and raw numbers, but giving you exactly what you need to help you grow.

Six Simple Metrics

Growing has never been easier

We took all of the basic, non-helpful metrics from other analytics tools and threw them out the window. We believe in metrics that actually mean something, so we gathered data from channels all around the globe to discover what equates to growth and what doesn't. As a result, Streamer Insights uses machine learning to track the six most influential and telling metrics to understand how your channel is growing.

Guidance, Not Guesses

Discover your channel's growth potential

We understand that broadcasters need answers, and we've got them in spades. For instance: Have you ever found yourself wanting to stream a new game, but were afraid you'd be buried under the thousands of other broadcasters on the same game? As it turns out, while your viewer count may be lower on that new game initially, you may find that your viewers stay longer or are more engaged when you play it. This means that you may have a lower viewer count, but your growth potential is actually much higher while playing that game!